Creep yourself out with these Halloween reads

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What spooky books are you going to read for Halloween?

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Currently reading: Clariel & Lily Dale

I just finished a reread of Archer’s Goon by Diana Wynne Jones. It’s Witch Week starting on October 21st, so I’ve got an excuse to gorge myself on DWJ books again this year (Diana Wynne Jones Month being the other one). AG used to be one of the books people would recommend for DWJ newbies, but I think it got thrown over for Howl’s Moving Castle ever since the movie version came out. It’s still a good starting point, though, and I’d definitely recommend it even if you’re a DWJ veteran. Family shenanigans = always good! clariel garth nix

Clariel is the newest Garth Nix book and it’s the next in the Abhorsen series! It’s actually a prequel, so you can totally read it without having read the other books if you want. I’ve been SO excited about this book ever since I found out about it, almost a year ago. We got it in at my library and I got first dibs– it’s SO GOOD and I’m having a very good time reading it.

The other book I’m reading is Lily Dale: The True Story of the Town That Talks to the Dead by Christine Wicker, who wrote Not in Kansas Anymore which I read back in 2012 and didn’t much like. Nowadays I’m much more appreciative of her mix of memoir and history, and so I’m really enjoying this book. I’m interested generally in the history of religion/magic/etc. and I like memoirs on the whole.

Have any of you been to Lily Dale? I’d like to go check it out one day (along with Salem). It seems like a fun place!

What are you reading this week?

REVIEW: The Murders of Richard III by Elizabeth Peters

REVIEW: The Murders of Richard III by Elizabeth PetersThe Murders of Richard III (Jacqueline Kirby #2) by Elizabeth Peters
Published by Avon Books (1974), eBook, 352pg
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In a remote English manor house, modern admirersof the much-maligned King Richard III--one of Shakespeare's most extraordinary villains--are gathered for a grand weekend of dress-up and make-believe murder. But the fun ends when the masquerade turns more sinister . . . and deadly. Jacqueline Kirby, an American librarian on hand for the festivities, suddenly finds herself in the center of strange, dark doings . . . and racing to untangle a murderous puzzle before history repeats itself in exceptionally macabre ways

Jenny told me to read this! Thanks, Jenny! It’s a perfect companion to The Daughter of Time. (I’d definitely recommend reading Daughter before reading Murders, if only because they mention Daughter so much in the story itself.)

EP’s historical mysteries are a lot of fun, but her contemporary-set ones are kinda hit-or-miss for me. Something about the difference in tone, I guess? Her contemporary books tend to be less silly than, say, her Amelia Peabody ones. But The Murders of Richard III really sucked me in, so I’m definitely going to keep trying out her other, non-Amelia Peabody books. And then…