14 things I love about working at a library


  1. I can finally organize misplaced books and not feel like a weirdo interloper.
  2. My knowledge of many books in multiple genres comes in super handy now.
  3. Talking to people about book news is way more fun IRL.
  4. Doing the librarian shush and having people obey.
  5. Looking at book catalogs.
  6. Putting the golf pencils next to the catalog computers knowing they’re impossible to write with. (I’m a little evil, I suppose.)
  7. The more books you read per year, the cooler you are.
  8. Going into the children’s section and digging out the books hidden behind other books. They also hide books in the large print section???
  9. When people pay their late fees without complaining.
  10. I never have to worry about not having a book to read during my lunch break.
  11. Getting an inter-library loan from far-away places. (The furthest I’ve seen is Alaska, so far.)
  12. Making themed displays.
  13. That one time in October when the storytime babies came in costumes!!!!
  14. Recommending a book to a patron and they come back the next week raving about how good it was.

4 thoughts on “14 things I love about working at a library”

  1. Golf pencils? Is that what they’re called? I never knew that before! As for the librarian shush, I haven’t heard one in years. I think my library either has a policy against the librarian shush OR has the most well-behaved patrons in the world. It’s always very peaceful in there.

  2. Oh you are so luck to be working at a library! That is my dream. I would love to work at a place where I could talk about books or look at books or read books all day and get paid for it. 🙂

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