2009 BIP: Week 3

bip This week’s Blog Improvement Project is a little different from the earlier weeks. Week 3 is BLOG POST BINGO!

Here’s the details:

* Take a look at the 10 types of blog post below. Over the next two weeks, try to write as many of these different kinds of posts as you can.

1. A Link Post – share a series of links your readers might find interesting
2. A Short Post – less than 200 words
3. A List Post – simple as it sounds, a list of some sort
4. An Opinion Post – take an event, news, or another blog post and share your opinion on it
5. A Poll or Question Post – post a poll or ask your readers a specific question for feedback
6. A How-To Post – You’re an expert in something; big or small, share how to do it
7. A Long Post – more than 700 words
8. A Review Post – self-explanatory, I think πŸ™‚
9. A Definition Post – show your expertise about a topic related to your blog
10. FREE SPACE – a type of post of your choice (that is not the same as one of the previous posts)

The person who finishes all 10 posts wins a fabulous prize, and obviously I want that to be me. πŸ˜‰ Keep an eye out for the various kinds of posts I’ll be doing over the next week and a half. I’ll link my posts to the list below, so you can check them all out at once if you’d like.
1. A Link Post
2. A Short Post
3. A List Post
4. An Opinion Post
5. A Poll or Question Post
6. A How-To Post
7. A Long Post
8. A Review Post
9. A Definition Post

Completed: 7/10

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