2009 BIP Week 7: Comments

New BIP I’ve, er, missed the last two Blog Improvement Project assignments but I’ve latched on to this one! Here’s what’s up this week:

Week #7 is going to be all about making your blog more comment friendly. During the goal setting project (Week #1), a lot of people made it a goal to leave more blog comments. This is important, but I think it’s also vital that once you get a new reader at your blog it’s easy for them to engage with you by commenting on your posts.

* Take an inventory of your blog comments. Write down how many comments you have as of today, then track how many comments you get per day over the next two weeks (I’m curious how well all of this is going to work).

* Pick 3-4 of the techniques from the articles to implement over the next two weeks (or more, if you’re ambitious). Print out the posts or write down a list of techniques to leave by your computer so you’re always reminded of them while you post.

So yeah, this’ll be a lot of fun! I’ll post more about this challenge once I actually read the articles.

Two things:
1. Thank you to everyone who comments on my blog; you really make me happy to check my email every day and I adore all of you. <3

2. How do you keep track of comments you leave on other people’s blogs? Do you bookmark posts that you want to check back on? Do you use something like BackType? Do you sign up for email notifications when new comments are posted? Or something else entirely?

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2 thoughts on “2009 BIP Week 7: Comments”

  1. I have no good way of keeping track of comments. If I leave a comment that I want a response to, and there is an option to subscribe to the thread via e-mail, then I’ll do that, but otherwise I just sort of try to remember. I’ve never heard of BackType, is that something you use?

    1. Yes, it’s a website that keeps track of comments you make by looking for the email/website you use to fill in comment forms. It’s not perfect, but it works pretty well.

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