2011 BBAW Daily Topic #1: Community

I decided to do the daily topics for BBAW this year because…well, why not? Except I’m not doing Tuesday’s post because I forgot to sign up for an interview. Whoops.

Today’s topic is about community:

While the awards are a fun part of BBAW, they can never accurately represent the depth and breadth of diversity in the book blogging community. Today you are encouraged to highlight a couple of bloggers that have made book blogging a unique experience for you. They can be your mentors, a blogger that encouraged you to try a different kind of book, opened your eyes to a new issue, made you laugh when you needed it, or left the first comment you ever got on your blog. Stay positive and give back to the people who make the community work for you!

First person who commented: Shana @ Literarily (blog no longer exists, unfortunately)
First person to inspire me to improve: Kim, because of her Blog Improvement Project (she’s also the first book blogger I met in person if we’re not counting Alison, which I’m not because she wasn’t a book blogger when I first met her so there)
First split review done with: Alita (and we’re doing another in 2012!)

People who make me want to expand my reading horizons: Amy, Rebecca, Eva, Iris
People who wouldn’t let me in the bunker even if I brought them brownies: Cass
People who are very good at giving advice: Clare, Vasilly, Memory
People who always cheer me up: Jenny, Tasha, Sharry, everyone I’ve already linked to up there (EVEN CASS :P)
People who I adore and want to succeed in whatever they do: all of you!

Thanks to everyone who has ever visited me here at Birdbrain(ed), left me a comment, talked to me on Twitter, emailed me, and/or just thought good things about me. You’re awesome! Keep being awesome! And I’ll see you again on Wednesday for another BBAW topic (or later today for a book review, if you’d like).

40 thoughts on “2011 BBAW Daily Topic #1: Community”

    1. That’s why I’m so excited about this year’s BBAW theme! πŸ˜€ I love bringing community together, and the book blogging community is one of my favorites.

  1. I love your post format — very clever! You have a ton of excellent bloggers on your list, plus a few I don’t know yet (but am off to check out!). Happy BBAW!

  2. Awe, thank you! I think you were the third book blogger I met in person? First I met Jenny, then I met Kim, then I met you! You’re definitely the first blogger I ever went to the top of the Empire State Building with.

    1. First blogger who let me use her audio tour thingy at the ESB: Memory!

      First blogger who ate with me in a tiny NYC pizza joint: Memory!

      First blogger whose zine I’ve read before I even knew her and/or before she was even a blogger (I think): Memory!

      Yay Memory!

  3. I just came over from Kim’s blog and I’m staying because we’re both reading The Mysteries of Udolpho right now and I’m definitely going to need someone to chat with about it! (Oh, the fainting!) I know we’ve talked a little bit on Twitter and I apologize for not coming to your blog sooner. πŸ˜› Happy BBAW!

    1. Haha, I’m more amused by how everyone keeps crying, even the dudes. πŸ˜€ And the POEMS oh my god. Have you actually been reading them? After Emily recited her monstrosity I’ve been skipping past them.

    1. She’s agreed to let me in the bunker for a week! Now I just have to wear her down with my puppy dog eyes and she’ll let me stay indefinitely! I’m sure of it!

  4. Adding Cass to my Google Reader! Done it! I love all the other bloggers you mention already except for, of course, me, I am the failiest blogger ever this year. But you, you, you are brilliant! I am always pleased to see a new post by you in my feed. πŸ™‚

    1. What?! I was so sure you already knew Cass! My mind is blown~

      You’re not a fail blogger! You’ve got Stuff you have to Do in the Real World! And stuff!

  5. Anastasia,
    I’m eager to read your post for topic #3 but the link doesn’t work. I will keep checking.

    Also, v. much enjoyed this post! Original. Catchy and fun approach. Yes, I remember who first commented and who first subscribed etc. So true.
    Word Hits

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