MINI-REVIEWS: 3 Terry Pratchett Books

075. Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett
Publication: HarperTorch; Reissue edition (February 2, 2000), Paperback, 213pp / ISBN 0061020699
Genre: Fantasy
Read: May 11, 2012 (reread)
Source: PaperbackSwap (I think?)


I really like this book because it pokes at the idea that because things have always been a certain way, they have to STAY a certain way. Plus I like Granny. And Esk. However, the ending falls apart because, I think, it tries to say something about MAGIC when beforehand it was all about men/women (and magic). I think. It’s kind of muddled, overall.

Rating: 3.5 birds

076. Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett
Publication: HarperTorch (August 8, 2000), Paperback, 378pp / ISBN 0061020397
Genre: Fantasy
Read: May 12, 2012 (reread)
Source: PaperbackSwap (I think)


Vampires being silly (while ALSO being scary) makes for an awesome book, and this one’s got FOUR witches in it who are all lovely and scary/silly/awesome themselves. I particularly like Agnes, although I DON’T like that whole “inside every fat woman is a thin woman and chocolate” thing everyone kept harping on. And that whole thing with Agnes worrying about her weight and boys and what-have-you felt very chick lit-y to me, in a bad way. Still, it’s an enjoyable book, especially the ending sequence.

Rating: 4 birds

077. Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett
Publication: HarperTorch (April 30, 2002), Paperback, 384pp / ISBN 0061031321
Genre: Fantasy
Read: May 12-13, 2012 (reread)
Source: PaperbackSwap (I think)


Susan! Susan’s probably my favorite Discworld character, y’all, aside from Death. Luckily they’re both in this one, along with some stereotypical Asian monks who come from a place which is basically Japan/China/India/Tibet combined. That last bit I could have done without; it felt cheap, for some reason. But the monks themselves are great characters, and I enjoy stories where humans (and Death) annoy the Auditors, so I liked reading this book (again).

Rating: 4 birds

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  1. I love Terry’s books!! I’ve read Carpe Jugulum and Thief of Time but not Equal Rites yet. Great mini-reviews!

  2. The only Pratchett book I’ve read is Wyrd Sisters. Granny is a great character. Are you going to read the latest Pratchett book, The Long Earth?

    • If I can find it at the library! :D First I want to read the Tiffany Aching books, though, since I’ve been meaning to read them for a few years now.

  3. Did someone start talking trash about DWJ on your Chrestomanci series post? I wanted to post a comment but the comments were closed. I was le sad. I had a lot of feelings and thoughts about Christopher and the adults in his young life.

    • Nothing like that, lol! For some reason the comments were just turned off. They should be back now, tho. :D

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