2013 Reading Challenge challenge update– to continue or not?

It’s now almost the halfway mark for the year and it’s time to consider whether or not to continue doing my year-long reading challenges. On the one hand, I like participating in them and keeping track of books and whatever. On the other hand, I don’t think I’ve deliberately read a book FOR a challenge since, like, March. I haven’t really done any readalongs, I haven’t really done ANYTHING except occasionally add a book I didn’t even mean to read.

What’s the deal? Well, in March I started my job up again and I stopped reading tons of ebooks. I also started going to the library a LOT and getting paper books! Most of the books on my challenge lists are ebook-related, and, well…I think you can see what happened.

Also, lately I’ve just been wanting to read books I picked out without anything dictating my choice (not even myself). One of my favorite games to play is “go to the library and roam the shelves until I have a tote bag full of books.” LOTS of fun to play (if a bit of a strain on the shoulder) and I end up reading books I probably wouldn’t have read otherwise. But almost none of those books fit into my reading challenge parameters.

Right now I’m looking at my reading challenges and I’m wondering if I should keep going. But I made this whole big deal about it! But I really wanted to succeed! And so on! And, well, life’s full of disappointments.

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HOWEVER, my problems are really with the longer challenges, the ones spanning a whole year. It’s easy to lose momentum and give up when you can barely see the finish line, but with shorter challenges (month-long or so) it’s a lot easier to keep going. The end is right there! It’s like two feet away and it’s no big deal to get to it.

SO, what I’m thinking is that I’ll do the following:
a) give up on my longer challenges which aren’t going anywhere anyway.
b) focus on shorter challenges and readalongs.

That way I can still participate in reading challenges like I want to, but it’s less of a strain overall. And now that I’ve reread my original post about this, I can see that I’m totally in line with what I originally planned to do! How nice that it’s all worked out. 😀

New goal! Participate in one readalong AND/OR one (short) reading challenge a month. Since May’s almost over I’m going to start doing this starting in June– so that’s six or so new challenges I can do! Yay!

How are your reading challenges going? Are you still going strong, or are you thinking of dropping out?

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