5 books starring bicycles

Bicycles! Okay, so I haven’t ridden one since I was around 13-years-old, but I’m planning on getting another one very soon. One with a basket on the back, so I can bring back loads of library books and whatnot! Meanwhile, I was inspired to make a list of books that star bicycles in a central position.

Most of these are non-fiction, if only because I couldn’t think of enough fiction books. I tried to keep to more narrative-type books, though! Because I like making things hard on myself.

  1. The Boneshaker by Kate Milford, the only book on this list NOT about using a bike to travel somewhere far away. The bike in this story has a mind of its own, and it stars in a thoroughly spooky story. The prequel came out fairly recently, too!
  2. Miles from Nowhere: A Round the World Bicycle Adventure by Barara Savage. This was the first book I remember reading about someone traveling extensively using just their bike. Nowadays there’s several more people doing what Barbara Savage and her husband did, but this book is still my favorite. Int he City of Bikes by Pete Jordan
  3. Across Asia on a Bicycle by Thomas Gaskell Allen & William Lewis Sachtleben . I read this years ago just because of the title; it’s got the sort of racism/sexism you’d expect in a Victorian travel book, but if you can get over that it’s an interesting read.
  4. Moods of Future Joys by Alastair Humphreys is self-published and slightly silly, but it’s still a good read. The author actually wrote several books about his experience biking around the world, and you can get them for free still at his website. Check them out!
  5. In the City of Bikes by Pete Jordan. The book that inspired this list! It’s a history/tightly focused travel memoir about Amsterdam and its history with bikes, starting in the late 1800s and moving up ’til the present day. It’s a fascinating read– and I’ll be reviewing it later this week!

And here’s one non-narrative non-fiction book about bicycle travels: Bike Touring Basics by the Travelling Two. They’re bloggers who turned their experience travelling by bicycle into an informative how-to book, so if you want to know more about how to travel by bike, what to pack, recommended gear, and so on, then this would be a great book to read.

Do you have any favorite books about bikes?

2 thoughts on “5 books starring bicycles”

  1. I don’t have favorite books about bikes BUT I would like to regulate expectations re: getting a bike: Riding a bike is not like riding a bike. When I tried to ride a bike in college after a while away, it was weirdly difficult. I had to sort of relearn it. The good news is, it is MUCH easier to ride your bike if you’re an adult. So I bet it will come flooding back to you super quickly.

    1. I have daydreams where I am super fab on a bike and I exert no effort whatsoever to ride it/get anywhere I want/go extremely fast down hills or whatever. So I’m sure I’ll be fine! (I have the same daydreams about driving a car, which I have never done but which I am sure I can totally do with no effort at learning anything.)

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