6 books for people who love killing zombies

What it says on the tin! I prefer my zombies to be evil and creepy, and all these books have just that. Click on the book title to go to its Amazon page. If you buy it, I’ll get a small percentage of the price. (More about affiliates here).

Feed Mira Grant

    1. Feed by Mira Grant. Bloggers and conspiracies and corrupt politicians! The first of a trilogy– I have yet to read the third book but I’ll get there eventually! My favorite part is, of course, how bloggers are Big Deals in the post-zombie apocalypse wold. Also how everyone’s named after George A. Romero.My review.
    2. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. Civil War era alt. history/steampunk set in Seattle. The first in a series! I think there’s four now; I’ve read two and I have another on my TBR pile. I really like that it avoided the more typical Victorianish kind of steampunk thing; also that the world of Boneshaker is dirty. (It reminds me of Firefly for some reason? Dirty space pirates. Hmmmm.) My review.
    3. Portlandtown by Rob DeBorde. Western/urban fantasy with a kickass family and a fairly scary baddie. Set in Portland! I’m not entirely sure what the time period is for this but I think it’s late 1800s? Like Boneshaker, though, it avoids the frou-frou Victorian stuff. This is a Western, and that means mud and horses and also demons! My review.
    4. Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry. YA zombie story set in California. First in a series. I wasn’t overly wowed with this one, but I DID like how many PoC characters are in it. Plus Benny’s older brother is seriously cool. My review.Undead Kirsty McKay
    5. Undead by Kirsty McKay. Highschoolers get stranded in a ski resort with zombies and evil scientists. Probably the most light-hearted book of the whole list, it’s still not a barrel of giggles. Would YOU want to be snowed in with a bunch of zombies and characters basically from The Breakfast Club? It borders the edge of camp, though, and I LOVE camp so I really liked this one. There’s a sequel out now, too! My review.
    6. Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick. Highschoolers gets stranded in the wilderness with zombies and crazy adults. The first in a trilogy. It’s kinda long, and the pacing is a bit slow, but I really liked the emphasis on survival. Ends on a cliffhanger, so good thing the sequel is out now! My review.

    What’s YOUR favorite zombie book?

4 thoughts on “6 books for people who love killing zombies”

  1. Gah, I heart the Feed series so much! I haven’t read the others on your list, but I’ll check them out because I’m always in for a zombie fix.
    World War Z was great…I enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter as well (though the movies for both were eh). I’ve also heard good things about Justin Cronin’s series.

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