A Visit to Oz: Get yer tickets here

A Visit to Oz Eek, I meant to post this on March 31st, but, er, obviously I didn’t. (I still haven’t posted my own list, either!)

A Visit to Oz Challenge started Tuesday, but there’s still plenty of time to join! Oh, and if I haven’t listed you and you’ve signed up– drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to fix that.

Also, I realized I never actually explicitly stated this: all 14 of the Baum books are in the public domain as well as a few of the apocrypha, and they can be found online for free! If you have some sort of ebook reader, an MP3 player, or the ability to tolerate staring at the screen for hours on end, then you can take advantage of this opportunity to save a little money.

There’s a lot of different sites to get the Oz ebooks, but here are some of the nicer ones:

  • Feedbooks [formats: ePub, Kindle/Mobipocket, Sony Reader, iLiad, PDF]
  • Another list on Feedbooks, this one with some apocrypha. [formats: ePub, Kindle/Mobipocket, Sony Reader, iLiad, PDF]
  • Project Gutenberg [formats: ePub, Mobipocket, Plucker, HTML, txt]
  • Manybooks.net [formats: Mobipocket, MS Lit, PDF, PalmDOC, Plucker, RTF, Rocketbook, Sony Reader, ePub, eReader, iPod Notes, iSilo & more]

Read by fans of the books! These can vary from awesome to mediocre, but I’ve yet to hear a truly bad reading. (At least, not on Librivox…)

New to ebooks? Here’s a beginner’s guide that should get you on your way.

I think I’ll post something about the Oz apocrypha this weekend, especially those you can find online for free. Come back and check it out if you’re interested! 😀

And thank you to everyone who signed up for the Oz challenge; I’m super excited to host it and I hope we’ll all have a lot of fun.

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