#amazonfail timeline of wtf

Okay, if you somehow missed all the drama yesterday, Amazon was caught removing sales ranking stats from what they deemed “adult” literature, mostly GLBT books (even Heather Has Two Mommies, a, hello, children’s book!), but also heterosexual erotica, romance, and classic lit like Lady Chatterley’s Lover. Other “adult” literature and products were left alone, like Playboy and these anal plugs. They were also blocking books from search results, bestseller lists, and so on.

The timeline of events goes roughly like this:

And now that it’s Monday? Someone’s got some splainin’ to do. I’ll be keeping an eye out and updating this post with anything that happens. And hopefully something will happen, like an explanation that doesn’t treat us all like we’re gibbering idiots. An apology would be nice, too.

Update @ 10:51 AM: Monday must mean Meta! Here’s some posts that have started showing up regarding the #amazonfail saga:

Update @ 11:15 AM: Dear Author has put a poll up regarding your Amazon buying habits. Jane also wonders how hard it would be for people to switch to something other than Amazon, like Powells. How much do you use Amazon? How much do you use another website, whether it be Powells or AbeBooks or what have you? Would you switch your patronage?

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  1. Thanks for the update.

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  3. i love that, thanks to the internet, regular people can wield some power hold huge companies accountable in real-time for such shady behavior! yay twitter and the blogging community at large!

  4. Seriously, thank you for this. Awesome post.

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