And we're back!

Woohoo! I’ve finally gotten everything fixed and the blog should be working perfectly now/again. If anything goes wonky, please let me know, eh?

If you’re wondering what happened, basically I screwed up a lot. I regained access to my domain name yesterday and spent a few hours re-uploading things so they’d work again, and now I’m really tired and just want to go back to sleep. But I can’t. Because I have to pack.

I’d meant to get back straight to posting/reviewing/etc. but I am moving to California in less than two weeks now! And I still have a lot of stuff to do! So the end of the year may be less awesome for blog posts than I’d originally planned. I do have some posts ready to go, though, so there won’t be nothing for the next two weeks. I’ll probably be posting a bit less than I thought I would, though, so be on the lookout for that!

Anyway, I’ve got some posts that were scheduled for last week that published themselves at the same time (I think). They’re probably in your feedreader, but if you missed them here they are:

Please read and/or comment on them if you can! It’ll make me feel better. 😛

6 thoughts on “And we're back!”

  1. Your move is SO CLOSE! Ahhhh!

    See you on the other side of the move and Christmastime. Remember, there’s a book coming out very soon now that we need to review together 😉

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