APFOL: December 20-26

Interesting posts and other things that have caught my eye this week. It isn’t actually everything, since I didn’t want to kill myself copy-pasting, so for the entire link collection check out my Delicious page.

And now, I present to you, my readers: Awesome Post Full of Links #16: December 20-26! A day late because the holidays make me lazy. ;D

Books in General

  • Advertising and the eBook: A future alliance?
    “If consumers want $9.99 eBook titles, someone must help pay the freight, according to the big publishers. That’s why many of them are eying various ways to add advertising to the mix — but there are some important technical and cultural readings why that won’t happen any time soon.”
  • Emotional Payoff: Why Angst is Awesome
    “Angst is valuable and purposeful, not because it’s a way to eek out an extra 15-30 thousand words for a story. Angst is important because it is the culmination of all the little hints and worries and fears into the singular instance that will bring the conflict to its head and start the argument or break up of the leads. Our reaction to it as a reader is a measure of how much the writer got us to care. When we are invested everything changes.”

(Book) Blogging

  • Sunday Salon: How Fast Do You Read? | B O O K L U S T
    “That said, I don’t know how you fast readers do it! I often feel the pressure to read faster, do more, keep current with everyone else. I read for pleasure, yes, but at the same time, I feel like more recently as I read, I wonder how soon I can finish a book and move on to the next one. If it takes me longer than I expect to read a book, I start getting worried.”


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