APFOL: December 27-January 2

Interesting posts and other things that have caught my eye this week. It isn’t actually everything, since I didn’t want to kill myself copy-pasting, so for the entire link collection check out my Delicious page.

Who else lost track of the days? Anyone? Just raise your hand.

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  • Sunday Salon: How Fast Do You Read? | B O O K L U S T
    “That said, I don’t know how you fast readers do it! I often feel the pressure to read faster, do more, keep current with everyone else. I read for pleasure, yes, but at the same time, I feel like more recently as I read, I wonder how soon I can finish a book and move on to the next one. If it takes me longer than I expect to read a book, I start getting worried.”

Book Wishlist (aka the new section!)

  • I Am Scrooge by Adam Roberts. Sort of like I Am Legend meets A Christmas Carol?
  • The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno. I fell in love with the cover, yes, but listen to this: “Joe Meno’s forthcoming The Great Perhaps is the story of “the Caspers, a family of cowards: Jonathan, a paleontologist, searching in vain for a prehistoric giant squid; his wife, Madeline, an animal behaviorist with a failing experiment; (and) their daughter, Amelia, a disappointed teenage revolutionary…Each fears uncertainty and the possibilities that accompany it.” Sounds like a Wes Anderson film!
  • The Diary of Samuel Pepys by Samuel Pepys. Says Jenny: “Samuel Pepys is the most utterly charming rogue of a diarist it has ever been my good fortune to meet. And it does feel like meeting him, personally, possibly in his nightgown: he is so vividly alive, breathing on the page, completely sincere in his opinions, emotions, and desires. He is just the kind of person you’d like to know.”

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