APFOL: October 18-24

Interesting posts and other things that have caught my eye this week. It isn’t actually everything, since I didn’t want to kill myself copy-pasting, so for the entire link collection check out my Delicious page.

And now, I present to you, my readers: Awesome Post Full of Links #8: October 18-24!

Books in General

  • Why Adult Literacy Matters To Us All
    “Before I worked with adults who struggle with their reading skills, I never really thought about being an adult and not being able to read. Not only not being able to read, but not being able to read well. And I can only imagine that there are many others who don’t think about this either.”
  • Frankfurt Book Fair» Blog Archive » The fog begins to lift…
    “We are not just in transition from one state or model to another state or model, we’re in transition to a state of permanent accelerated transition where the model is continuous rapid reinvention. Publishing will never be stable again.”
  • Tor.com / The Revolution Will Not be Telegraphed: The Sociopolitical side of Steampunk
    “I mean, sure I love airships, and submarines, and time machines as much as the next Steampunk fan. But I want more out of my Steampunk than dressing up like an Airship Pirate and pretending I live in the 19th century.”

Authors & Publishers

  • Bookselling Heads to the Espresso Age – 10/5/2009 – Publishers Weekly
    “In the next two months, seven independent bookstores in the U.S. will add Espresso Book Machines from On Demand Books capable of brewing a 300-page perfect-bound book in five to seven minutes. According to On Demand cofounder and CEO Dane Neller, the company will have 40 machines in bookstores and libraries in North America, the U.K., Australia and Egypt by the end of the first quarter of 2010 and will soon launch a venture in Africa.” I want one!!
  • Richard Nash: Founder, Cursor | Utne
    “Cursor, scheduled to launch in early 2010, is Nash’s vision for making social networking and crowd sourcing integral to book publishing. Online platforms will support social publishing communities for readers and writers; Red Lemonade, for example, will harbor the pop-lit-alt-cult inclined, while charmQuark will cater to science-fiction lovers. Among other things, members of these communities can give feedback on each other’s work, participate in writing groups, and access editing tools. Each group will also have its own imprint and the potential to earn money from digital downloads, print editions, and artisanal runs.”

(Book) Blogging


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