APFOL: Sept 27-Oct 3

Interesting posts and other things that have caught my eye this week. It isn’t actually everything, since I didn’t want to kill myself copy-pasting, so for the entire link collection check out my Delicious page.

And now, I present to you, my readers: Awesome Post Full of Links #5: September 27-October 3!

Books in General

Authors & Publishers

  • Hello and Good Morning (Technically. Here in West Coast Time) / Tor.com
    Author Cherie Priest talks about what first got her into steampunk: “But a couple of years ago when I began working on Boneshaker, I couldn’t name many meaningful signifiers that screamed out “steampunk.” Oh there were goggles, sure—but no one seemed to have a good explanation for what the goggles were for apart from leaving a sweaty crease above your eyebrows. The delightful preponderance of Victorian garb was striking and fun, but the gas masks left me scratching my head. Gears made sense, even on top hats, I supposed. Watch chains were shiny, so, you know. Cool.”
  • Book tours for the 21st century « The Book Publicity Blog
    “The tricky part of the virtual book tour is making sure there’s a bookselling component to the event in addition to the conversation part of it. This may mean having a bookstore host the virtual event on its Facebook page. Or it may mean that a store makes some sort of arrangement with an author to make sure books (preferably signed) are for sale.”
  • Disney’s Digital Book Push – mediabistro.com: GalleyCat
    “The Walt Disney Company (DIS) pushed into the digital book market today, hoping to corner the first generation of digital book-savvy kids with a new distribution model: selling $79.95 annual subscriptions to readers, providing online access to 500 Disney storybook titles in digital form.”
  • Book Pitch Gone Bad: How to Piss Off Those You Most Want to Befriend
    “One of the first rules of pitching anyone on doing a favor, especially in the world of social media, is you’ve gotta join in the conversation first. You’ve gotta give a little first. And, at a bare minimum, pretend you know who I am, who my audience is, what I care about and what I write about.” (via @mawbooks)

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