Archive Spotlight (3) | Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt

Archive Spotlight (3)

Both Memory and Fyrefly have been doing sort of “retro review” posts and I find that HIGHLY inspiring. As in, I wanna do it, too! My older reviews occassionally get a bit of love (mostly from Google searches) and it might be interesting to drag forth my early reviewing efforts into the spotlight. Especially now that I’ve been blogging for four years! I’m planning on doing one of these every week or so.

Remember a few years ago when Suvudu was giving away whole free ebooks (instead of just bits of books)? Ebooks like His Majesty’s Dragon and Assassin’s Apprentice? And! Blood Engines by T.A. Pratt, today’s spotlight book. I originally reviewed it on March 28, 2009, and while I gave it 3.5 birds at the time my review was more than a little conflicted:

The whole book is typical urban fantasy fare, with nothing really new or exciting except maybe the characters; heck, even the scenes spent at a BDSM sex party were boring. Not that I was expecting erotica or anything, but if I’m going to spend one or two chapters reading about people wearing saran wrap as clothing, I’d like a little something more…interesting. Less blasé, for sure.

So why did I keep reading it ’til the end? Dunno. I think it was partly because I liked B, the gay ex-actor/super-seer, and I wanted to read more about him. In an vague sense I admired Marla, who’s feisty and kick-ass and has a surprising talent at bullwhipping her name into dudes’ buttocks. And though I didn’t particularly like the writing I wasn’t repelled quite enough to stop reading. I may not have enjoyed myself all the time, but I don’t think I necessarily wasted my time, either.

Read the rest of the review here.

Interesting sidenote: T.A. Pratt (aka Tim Pratt) is publishing books in the Marla Mason series through his site, and you can read some (most?) of them for free! There’s also short stories and whatnot for a decent price. Here’s more info about that. I love it when authors don’t let getting dumped by their publisher stop them from writing books in a series, so much so that I kinda want to reread Blood Engines and maybe read the next book or two. Maybe I’d like it more now! Yes? No?

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