Archive Spotlight (4) | Suicide Excepted by Cyril Hare

Archive Spotlight (4)

Both Memory and Fyrefly have been doing sort of “retro review” posts and I find that HIGHLY inspiring. As in, I wanna do it, too! My older reviews occasionally get a bit of love (mostly from Google searches) and it might be interesting to drag forth my early reviewing efforts into the spotlight. Especially now that I’ve been blogging for four years! I’m planning on doing one of these every week or so.1

This week’s spotlight book is Suicide Excepted by Cyril Hare, originally reviewed December 8, 2010! It’s one of those relatively unknown/unremembered/unappreciated interwar mysteries that disappear after being out of print for a while. At the time I originally reviewed it there wasn’t even any good cover images available, and nowadays there’s…well, no good images, still,2 but there ARE six reviews on Goodreads! So it’s a little better known, I think. Someone even did a podcast about it back in March of this year! Yay!

It was written in 1939 and it reminds me a bit of the interwar mysteries written by Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, etc. It also sort of reminds me of Ellery Queen and Rex Stout, so if you like those authors you’d probably really like Cyril Hare. You know that fast-paced, clever (but not too much) feeling that interwar mysteries have? That’s what Suicide Excepted felt like to me.

Read the rest of the review here.


  1. Just found a misspelling in this paragraph. Thanks for letting me know, guys! :P
  2. this one doesn’t count– ew.
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