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Both Memory and Fyrefly have been doing sort of “retro review” posts lately and I find that HIGHLY inspiring. As in, I wanna do it, too! My older reviews occasionally get a bit of love (mostly from Google searches) and it might be interesting to drag forth my early reviewing efforts into the spotlight. Especially now that I’ve been blogging for four years! I’m planning on doing one of these every week or so.

This week’s Archive Spotlight book is A Desirable Residence by Madeline Wickham1, originally reviewed August 14, 2010. A Desirable Residence

A Desirable Residence has a plot like a tangled ball of yarn, so I don’t even want to really get into it except to say that it’s enthralling and very true to life. People have affairs in real life, people delude themselves into thinking something’s okay when it’s not in real life, and people hope for things that never happen in real life. And! Like real life it doesn’t have a definite ending or solution to any of the characters’ problems.

That actually drove me insane for a few days after I finished it, because I wanted STRONG RESOLUTIONS and instead I get people running away from their problems, general inaction, and an overwhelming feeling of “but where’s the rest?” While it’s not a cliffhanger, it definitely feels like this is just one arc of these characters’ lives, and it’s over but the repercussions of their earlier actions will continue onwards even after the book’s done.

Read the rest of the review here.


  1. aka Sophie Kinsella

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