Archive Spotlight (8) | A Crack in the Line by Michael Lawrence

I originally reviewed A Crack in the Line on January 20, 2010. It’s about two kids living in parallel dimensions and there’s lots of nifty sci-fi/emotional development stuff. Crack in the Line

Naia is a great heroine. She’s strong and smart, and while she keeps pushing Alaric emotionally she also knows when to back off and let him breathe. I wish she had been able to do more, though. She seems to have had more of the science-y, theorizing parts and Alaric was left with the practical applications and experimentation bits. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but because Alaric is so jealous of Naia he kept some stuff from her and ignored her, and now he knows things she doesn’t and I’m sure something bad is going to happen because of that. It’s making me nervous about the future two books, actually.

Read the rest of my review here.

It’s a trilogy! Annnnnnd I’d completely forgotten to continue reading it. Whoops. To make things worse, I gave it 5 birds! You’d think I’d keep better track of things like that. But I don’t. Ahem.

Do you ever forget to keep reading a series? What do you do when/if you finally remember? I’ve added the next two books to my Goodreads TBR thing, so that should keep them within eyesight (so to speak) at least.

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