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I originally reviewed A Chalice of Wind by Cate Tiernan on February 28, 2009. I probably just bought it because of the cover, to be honest, but the story itself didn’t seem too bad, either. BUT THEN A Chalice of Wind by Cate Tiernan

So, yeah, this is COMPLETELY PREDICTABLE. I mean, c’mon, twins separated at birth with magical powers? It’s nearly as common as the seventh son of a seventh son being awesomely powerful. However, like every other time I’ve run into a cliche, I’ve forced myself to get through it and, hopefully, find the good stuff, whatever it is.

For A Chalice of Wind, the stuff that kept me reading was the ridiculously melodramatic love scenes between the twins and their Twu Luv. I hate when characters get smushy with one another, especially if one character happens to be a witch who “just knows” things, including that she and her boo are going be TOGETHER FUR EVAR and that that boo is PERFACT IN EVARY WAY. God, so annoying. And the other twin is just as bad! She’s all HE SO PERFECT AND UNDERSTANDING AND WONDERFUL. He really LISTENS to me, you know? And he’s perfect!

That kind of stuff seriously and truly irritates the every-loving crap outta me. It’s like diarrhea for my soul. Which is why, later on when they got burned? Yeah, I laughed. And that laughter is what kept me reading. Mostly. There was some genuinely good things, too.

WOW, was I snarky back then. I don’t THINK I’m that snarky nowadays, though maybe that’s just because now I tend to put down books that’re bleh instead of forcing myself to read them. Anyway, check out the rest of my review here! I hope it gives you some lols?

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