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I originally reviewed Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway on May 17, 2012. I got it on NetGalley for review, mostly because it seemed like it was sort of like Kat, Incorrigible (the cover!).

I mean, I DID have a great time reading it. But I can barely remember anything about it! I’ve just got some feelings of warm/fuzzy-ness and slight horror, which according to my notes is because it’s a) a very cute book and b) slyly scary at the same time. I didn’t know that cute books could also be horrifying, so I guess this was a good learning experience.

Read the rest of my review here.

A year later, I think I can remember more about it than I did back then. (which is good! And weird, too.) And I feel bad that my review wasn’t more positive because it really IS a good book.

2 thoughts on “Archive Spotlight | Ordinary Magic by Caitlen Rubino-Bradway”

  1. I really loved this book. I thought it had a lot to say about those kids who are marginalized or left out, the ones who get picked on or are the subject of prejudice, but at the same time it didnt hit me over the head with the message. I feel like I thought about the book after I read it but it was later after I put the book down when I started thinking about the message. Plus, I loved Abigails family – may be my favorite MG family.

    1. If I could thumbs-up this comment, I would! I agree with everything you said– which is why I want to reread this book and see if I could write a more overall positive review!

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