At your current pace, you’re 9 books (4%) behind schedule.

Okay, so it’s basically halfway through 2013 now, right? Right. Time to look at my yearly reading goal and see what’s up!
reading challenge june 2013
I set my reading goal at 250 books because last year I read 208 books, so 42 more books didn’t REALLY seem that difficult. Especially if they were small books!1

This time last year I’d read 111 books, and as I’m on book 110 at the moment I’m basically doing okay. But getting in those 40 extra books is looking more and more difficult. Especially since I didn’t read anything for a couple days there and also sometimes, y’know, I don’t feel like forcing myself to read 3 books a day, and so now I’m 9 books behind schedule.2

Will it be kinda sad if I don’t make my goal? Yeah. But on the other hand: hey! I’ll still have read a huge amount of books AND I’ll have kept really good track of them, which is easier said than done sometimes.

I think I’ve gotten over being stressed at not making my goals. Me from when I started this blog 4+ years ago? SO STRESSED OUT. ABOUT EVERYTHING.3 Me from right now? I’m the chilliest lady in chill town. Yay!

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Maybe my goal is a little too high? 40 more books are a lot to do. I think next year I’ll just do this year’s total + 1 more book.

Did you set a yearly reading goal for 2013? Are you on target, off target, somewhere in outer space?


  1. Or YA books! Or mysteries. Or basically everything I read anyway except for the nonfiction, which always takes me 4x longer to read than fiction books.
  2. I USED to be, like 15 books behind schedule, and then I started on my kidlit fantasy phase. Yay short (and really awesome) books!
  3. Being in college didn’t help. Final exams, whaaaaat.

11 thoughts on “At your current pace, you’re 9 books (4%) behind schedule.”

  1. Ugh. Way to remind me how behind I am! πŸ™ I’m 21 books (22%) behind schedule right now. I set my goal for 100 (which is a bucket list goal for me and something I’ve been inching toward for a while now) and I figured it wouldn’t be hard at all. After all, I read 89 last year. What’s 11 more?
    Of course, last year I wasn’t working 40 hours a week and I had WAY more free time.
    Well, I’ll just have to get as close as I can and be happy with that. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon enough. *fingers crossed*

  2. I just stumbled on your blog and you guys intimidate the heck out of me. You all must read at the speed of light. I couldn’t keep up with you if all I did was read. You are an inspiration to this mere mortal.

    1. Haha, hackles. πŸ˜€ I’m toying with not making a reading goal amount next year, because it’d be less stressful? But on the other hand, I like that motivates me to constantly read more. I have a while to decide anyway!

  3. I knew I wouldn’t get half as much reading done this year so I set myself a goal of 50 books. I am on the reverse end as I’m currently on schedule to finish my goal by the end of June. I doubt if I want to up my goal to a 100 though. I wish I could do as much reading as you πŸ™ I need more TIMEEEE. But I’m glad to hear you are not very stressed about it. Reading as a goal in numbers is probably not the healthiest way to approach things, as long as you are enjoying your books right?

    1. I am less and less convinced about the importance of numbered goals so I totally agree about not needing them. On the other hand, like I said to Jenny, it’s kind of motivating? Idk, as long as its not stressful I guess it’s not a big deal. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m the opposite of you … I always read something just over 100 books so I always set my goal at 100 and then feel awesome when I pass it every year. πŸ™‚ Right now I think I’m at like 54 books, right on target!

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