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So my first class for library school started yesterday1 and I’m super busy trying to get as much of it done as I can before the real semester starts and I have three other classes to do. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, I got to thinking about autobuy authors, those authors who you love SO MUCH and for which you’d buy2 any and every book from now until forever. Not even that you’d necessarily read the book right away– you just want to have it immediately after it’s published. Or even before, if you’re into pre-orders!

I’ve come up with six! KJ Charles, Lyndsay Faye, Katherine Addison(/Sarah Monette), Alexis Hall, Jordan L. Hawk and Genevieve Valentine. The funny thing is that all of these (except two) are authors who I’ve only just read in the last few years; they’re recent favorites. Old favorite authors who I might’ve autobuyed in the past have fallen off my radar for some reason. Changing tastes, maybe?

Authors who might be autobuy in the future once I’ve read more of their books: Madeleine Ashby, Ann Leckie, Kate Elliott.

Authors who would be autobuy except I’ve had wildly different reactions to their books and I’m super confused: Connie Willis, Elizabeth Bear, Jo Walton, Jessica Day George.

Authors who would be autobuy except they’re dead and thus unable to produce more books3: Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones, Josephine Tey, Georgette Heyer, Dorothy L. Sayers.

Who’re your autobuy authors?

  1. it’s an intro class that’s mostly about teaching us how to navigate the website, turn in assignments, etc. Super easy but still nerve-wracking because I’m a natural worrywart.
  2. or immediately place on hold at the library
  3. except for when they DO?

4 thoughts on “Autobuy authors”

  1. I’ve gotten weird about autobuys in the years since I realized I hate hardcovers. Most of my faves are popular enough to get hardcover releases, so I generally borrow them from the library for my first read (unless the publisher is kind enough to give me a review copy through NetGalley), then buy my own copy once the book is out in paperback or the ebook goes down to a paperback-equivalent price.

    That said, I autobuy (or borrow from the library and buy later) Sarah Monette/Katherine Addison, Robin Hobb, Ysabeau S. Wilce, Tiffany Reisz, Ellen Kushner, Scott Lynch, and Guy Gavriel Kay.

    I’m considering adding Maggie Stiefvater to the list, too, since I love the Raven Cycle so damned much, but I’m not sure if I’ll ever react to her other books in the same way. She feels a bit like the Lloyd Alexander of my adulthood; ie, the author whose one series I love to death, but whose other books are only of regular-strength interest to me.

    1. I feel the same about Susan Cooper’s books, actually. I love her Dark is Rising Sequence SO MUCH but her other books don’t seem like they’re anything like that series and I’m not sure if I’d enjoy them or not.

  2. KJ Charles for me too. Um, apart from that, gosh. Diana Wynne Jones was one (sob), but Neil Gaiman isn’t, even though I love him, because I do not love all of his books equally. Almost nobody for me, honestly! I like to read the books from the library before I decide if I want to own them forever. I am choosy.

    1. I feel like 2007!me would’ve have Neil Gaiman on her autobuy list, but current me still hasn’t read Ocean at the End of the Lane, so. (2007!me would’ve also had Jim Butcher on that list, I think. Maybe also Cherie Priest.)

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