Badly Designed Book Covers (3)

Almost all of the older Agatha Christie (and Ngaio Marsh) covers are horrible, with weird symbolism and things on them that don’t make sense until after you’ve read the book. I don’t think I’ve found a good vintage Christie cover yet!

Some of the other vintage Dell covers are actually pretty good, though.

Other badly designed book covers: no. 1 | no. 2


  1. Oh, Dorothy Sayers ones are really bad too! I like the new white Dorothy Sayers novels, but the old ones? So, so ugly. I found a copy of one of her books at a used bookstore, and it was, I don’t know, Clouds of Witness or Five Red Herrings, something quite unsexy, and there was a picture on the cover of a half-naked girl sprawled nakedly across a sofa. So silly.

  2. Oh! I was helping my mom go through some of her books to donate them to the library the other night, and there were some INSANELY bad covers. I actually kept a few of them because I was like, “I MUST see what words are contained behind a cover like this.” 🙂

  3. You know I would have to disagree with you. I actually really like the cover of Agatha Christie books. I have never actually seen a vintage cover but having seen the one above, they are actually similar to the current ones. I like the fact that they are loaded with symbolism that you must read the book to understand because it makes you wonder what they are about. I guess I am a little biased since Agatha Christie is probably my favorite author of all time.

    • Anastasia

      I do agree with you that the symbolism is pretty cool, and it’s fun going back and picking out why an item is included on the cover. However, you’ve gotta admit that when you first start reading and you’re wondering why the hell a half-eaten sandwich is on the cover, it throws you off a bit. Does it not? And sometimes the things on the cover don’t even have a big part in the story– even more of a wtf moment. At least to me it is! 🙂

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