Banned Books Week 2010

Warning: This is a somewhat incoherent post.

Today’s the first day of Banned Books Week! BBW is a yearly celebration of books that are challenged or banned by people who love to control what other people read. This is a subject which actually really gets me angry, because it is NO-ONE’S right to take away something from the PUBLIC (including school kids!) just because their panties got in a wad. Plus, HELLO: keeping certain books away from kids just makes kids try harder to read them. Which is why I read Anne Rice books when I was 11, even though my mom said I wasn’t allowed to because they were too old for me. They were, but because she told me not to I specifically went out and found them and sneak-read them when she wasn’t looking. In the LIBRARY. So there.

(I also read Stephen King. Also a Harlequin romance I found in my mom’s closet. ALSO books about the occult! And about other religions than Christianity! AND I looked up dirty words in the dictionary, too, although to be fair my mom never said I couldn’t do that.)

People who wanna ban books: WHY ARE YOU BEING SO DUMB. KIDS ARE SMARTER THAN YOU THINK, and sneakier.

Oh! Thanks for not trying to ban books from the library, mom! You’re an awesome mom. (I told her about the sneak-reading a few years ago and she laughed. I think she knew I had done it already!)

Anyway, for something more upbeat and less capslock, check out this cute video about banning books:

If you’d like to participate in BBW, check out the official website, attend an event, or– and here’s what I’m doing– read and review a book that’s been banned or challenged in the past year!

For myself, I think I’m going to read Running With Scissors, because I’ve already got a copy. Other fine books that have been challenged and that I can recommend:

What banned or challenged books have YOU loved recently?

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  1. I love this post! One of my favorite books EVER is Little Red Riding Hood and it’s a banned book! Can you believe it? Just because Little Red takes a bottle of wine to Grandma! There’s a ton of banned books I want to read this week (or re-read). I think I might start with The War of The Worlds by H.G. Wells. Happy reading!

  2. I never understand the instinct to demand that books be removed from libraries completely. That is so silly! Just because you don’t think your kid can handle whatever is in the book you’re so scared of, that doesn’t mean nobody’s kid can ever handle it. For heaven’s sake.

  3. Running with Scissors is an awesome book–enjoy!

    Thankfully, my mom didn’t attempt to have the library or school ban any books. She did, however, try to keep me from reading certain books that she found too explicit. Of course, that only made me want to read them more!

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