BBAW Day 2: Interview with Stephanie of Reviews By Lola!

Today is day two of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and it is Interview Swap day! Yay! For my swap I got Stephanie of Reviws By Lola, a 26-year-old Ohioan who works at a law firm, and who was luckily very understanding when I was swamped by school stuff last week and had to take a little extra time to answer her questions. You can read my interview with here here at her blog, btw.

My interview with Stephanie!
If you were, for some reason, on a deserted island and could only have two books with you, what books would those be? Omnibuses don’t count, and neither do how-to books. 😉

Oh that is easy! Confederacy of Dunces, by John Kennedy Toole and Gone with the Wind, by Margaret Mitchell. They are tied for first place when it comes to my favorite book of all time. They balance each other out really well too, as CoD is very comedic whereas GwtW is a sweeping Civil War saga.

Where’s your favorite place to read?

95% of the time you’ll find me reading in bed. Actually I would live in my bed if I could, and it is not uncommon to find me hunkered down there for hours over the weekend in my pajamas with some coffee.

Do you like to listen to music when you read, or are you more of a “silence is golden” sort of person?

I don’t watch TV or listen to music when I read but I don’t need it completely silent. A lot of the time I will read while my husband watches TV, so as long as it’s not something I am interested in, I just tune it out.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve used as a bookmark?

A few weeks ago I was in the car with my dad and I was reading a book when we arrived at our destination, so I grabbed a nearby receipt to use as a book mark. No big deal, right? I mean, we’re talking about a receipt for $40 but apparently my dad has a thing about keeping his receipts because he immediately started going into spasms. So what does he throw at me to use as a bookmark but a $5 bill! I still can’t figure out the reasoning behind that. You would probably have to know my dad to see the humor in it, but hey, I got $5 out of the deal!

What was your favorite book you read as a kid? As a teenager? As an adult?

As a kid I was obsessed with The Baby Sitters Club books, by Ann M Martin. I was even a member of the fan club, meaning once a month I got a newsletter along with two of the BSC books. I love that the publisher is trying to revamp the series right now but I am afraid the series is still a little dated.

As a teenager, I was a big fan of the true crime genre, along with Dean Koontz. Helter Skelter, by Vincent Bugliosi, was my all time favorite book and I read it countless times. I did a LOT of re-reading back then too, which I never do now. Go figure!

As an adult, my reading has definitely evolved more. I mostly read literary fiction now.

How long would it take you to finish reading your TBR pile, if you ONLY read from that pile and didn’t add any new books?

My TBR pile is so immense because it is everywhere. Just the books on my shelves that are unread must number in the hundreds, not to mention I have scraps of paper stuck in all kinds of strange places with book titles written on them. I imagine it would take me at least 3-5 years!

What are you reading right now? Are you enjoying it?

At the time of this interview, I am just now starting The Historian, by Elizabeth Kostova. I don’t think I have read enough to determine whether or not I like it, but I would be lying if I said my expectations for this book are sky high! I am just excited to be reading another book for RIP V–I may read nothing but books for this challenge until Halloween!

And then if you’d like to answer the “how long have you been blogging and why” question, too, I think we’d be set! 😀

As of last month, I have been blogging an entire year! It has gone by so fast and I am amazed at how much I love blogging. I just kind of came across book blogs accidentally and after following some of them for a few weeks, I thought I may as well start one myself!

Thanks, Stephanie!

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  1. Hmmmm…I think I need your dad to give me some bookmarks! It might prove to be quite lucrative!

    And blogging is addictive, isn’t it? I was shocked that I’m almost at two years already. The time sure does fly by!

    Fun interview!

  2. That’s funny about the $5 bill as a bookmark! When you think about it, there are a lot of bookmarks out there that cost about that much! Why not just use a $5 and save time ;-).

    I enjoy Lola’s blog; it’s nice to find yours through BBAW!

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