Big changes! Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog has a new name!

For the last year or so I’ve been thinking about my blog name and how much I hate it. See, unless you know my last name (Finch), the “bird” part doesn’t make much sense. Also– I didn’t realize this when I first named my blog, but there’s an underlayer of “I am stupid and so are the books I read” to “Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog”. Once I realized that was there, it slowly ate away at my blogging confidence…until I almost wanted to not blog any longer.

Then on Saturday I read two amazing posts at Nose Graze: Your thoughts on blog name changes and Changing Your Blog Name — What You Need To Know Before Doing It. It unlocked something in my brain: I could change my blog name. I could do it, and it wouldn’t be that hard to do! Sure, I’d lose some of the work I’d put into my blog over the last almost-5 years (mostly in name recognition), but the chance to rebrand myself and get back some of my blogging happiness was very much worth it.

(Also, I have enough time before BEA to get the necessary things changed before I met all those new publicists and whatnot. And get new business cards! Good thing I didn’t buy my new set yet.)

Therefore, I have some exciting news! From today onward Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog is no more. (Moment of silence, please.) Here There Be Books lives instead!

highfive gif


I’ve always loved the “here there be dragons” thing, and I also love the (much more positive) connotations behind my new blog name. Discovery! Adventure! Finding treasure on every shelf! Also it’s got a slight fantastical feeling to it, which makes me feel kinda dashing. The content will be the same (with maybe a few addition exciting things added), though, so no worries! Only the label has changed.

Over the next week or so I’ll be changing various things: my header, various social media usernames, my RSS feeds, etc. I think I can do all that without making you all resubscribe, so you don’t have to worry about that! (If you ARE worried, the new feed should be here.) I’m working on getting the redirect for the old blog address working, but for right now the new address is

Let me know if anything’s broken, please! I think I’ve got the major stuff switched over, but I can’t be sure until someone tells me it’s okay. 😉

Have you ever changed your blog name? If so, why?

WOULD you ever change your blog name? Why or why not?

11 thoughts on “Big changes! Birdbrain(ed) Book Blog has a new name!”

  1. Love the name, love the tagline, love the header. I’m so glad this is a change you can do so this name won’t haunt you. I just changed my layout a smidge because if I looked at it one more time I was going to scream, but I imagine dealing with that name was much worse for you!

    The Literary Omnivore has been my name (and title, since people tend to call me that—probably because I put the blog name in comment forms, whoops…) since day one of book blogging. I wouldn’t change it, because I find descriptive, neutral, and I like acronyms that you can actually vocalize. TLO is such a happy sound! It really works for me, and I hope Here There Be Books really works for you, too.

    1. Thank you! And yeah, your blog title/name is perfect– it’s positive and memorable and you know exactly what your blog is about when you see it. Yay!

  2. Totally love it! Also because I like maps. I have often thought about changing my boring boring boring blog name, but I haven’t been able to think of anything brilliant to change it to. And without that it seems like a waste of effort. One of these days. And if I do I will apply to you for advice on how to do it with minimal inconvenience to readers.

    1. I’d be happy to help! And yes, if you can’t think of a good name to change it to, I’d hold off doing it just yet. BUT whenever you DO think up a good name– I’ll be there to help in any way I can. 😀

  3. Congratulations on the new name! I love the name and I love the header! I’m so happy that you’re pleased with your new name. A new name can do WONDERS for blogging confidence!

  4. Congratulations on your new blog name! That is exciting. I never thought negatively about Birdbrain(ed) but I definitely like the new name. A lot. I agree, it is very dashing and therefore, you are too.

    I have never changed my blog name, but I’ve thought about it several times. Mostly in fits of despair when I find blogs with either the same name or a name very, very close.

    1. Thank you! And that’s too bad about other people having names close to yours– although, if it helps, when I think of a Midnyte Reader, I think of you!

  5. I absolutely love it 🙂 And the new header is very pretty! And I particularly like how this change has you all motivated again. I completely understand a name eating away at your motivation (I once changed mine and I do not particularly love my name now but I find it neutral enough to live with). So, yay! changes! 😀

  6. Congratulations on the name change!!! I’m so glad it went well for you. 🙂

    It’s amazing how much confidence you can gain by having a blog name you’re proud of. I was starting to lose confidence in my blog when it was called BookNook because it was SO unoriginal. I felt lost in a sea of book bloggers. Then when I changed it to something a lot more unique and memorable, I gained SO much confidence. It’s amazing how you can do that!

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