Bloggiesta starts today!

Bloggiesta 2009 Bloggiesta starts today! I’ve still got about 40 minutes until my start time, but unfortunately I have to work this morning so I won’t really be able to start until this afternoon. Check out the official start post for more info about Bloggiesta.

There’s lots of exciting mini-challenges going on that I want to do, and of course I’m looking forward to catching up with my reviews. I want to get at least 10 done, though if I can get the whole lot– so much the better. I’m also planning on rewriting my info/contact page and maybe fiddling with the sidebar again.

What are your Bloggiesta goals?

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  1. I want to catch up on reviews as well, but so far all I’ve done is read other people’s posts about what they want to do. Haha.

    You’re reading The Buried Pyramid? I’ve read that! The beginning was a little slow for me, but once they get into the Egyptian Underworld it got really, really good. 🙂

    1. I finished it on Thursday (or was it Wednesday?), actually! 😀 And yeah, I thought the beginning was pretty slow, too. It actually put me off it the first time I tried to read it; luckily this second time I stuck with it because I ended up really loving Jenny and Stephen and now I think the book is fantastic.

  2. Hi, This is my first blog challenge so my goals are set pretty low. My main priority is having a lot of drafts written and ready to post when life gets crazy this summer. I am not technically a reviewer, but am reviewing some children’s books now and want to have those scheduled for auto posts. As part of Softdrink’s mini challenge I am connecting w/10 new bloggers. You are #7. Good luck w/ Bloggiesta!

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