Bloggiesta wrap-up

Bloggiesta 2009 Well, Bloggiesta is over, and while I didn’t do as much as I hoped I still had loads of fun.

I wrote seven reviews, updated two pages, fiddled around with my blog’s set-up (mostly to no avail), and fixed my Gravatar. I participated in five mini-challenges, commented not nearly enough, spent about 12-ish hours actually doing Bloggiesta, and got distracted by a lot of book reading.

I think I’m most happiest on getting some reviews knocked off my list. I still need to work on getting more written, of course, but huzzah for getting something done, at least! How was your Bloggiesta? Get everything done you wanted to do?

4 thoughts on “Bloggiesta wrap-up”

  1. Bloggiesta was a blast for me! I put in way too much time on a beautiful sunny Minnesota weekend but I couldnt help it! there was so much info and stuff to do. My whole blog got a facelift!

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