Book Trailer Tuesday: A Madness of Angels

Book Trailer Tues Book Trailer Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by me, Anastasia. It’s very simple to play along: find a particularly awesome book trailer, embed it in a post, then proceed to coo all over it. Or, y’know, talk about whatever you want to talk about. Why did this book trailer catch your eye? Why do you want to share it with people? Did it make you want to read the book? Why was it effective (or not)?

For this BTTues I want to talk about this little gem I recently found: the surprisingly awesome trailer for Kate Griffin’s A Madness of Angels: Or the Resurrection of Matthew Swift!


I love how subtle it is! You don’t even know in the beginning that it’s going to end up so awesome, right? The whole security camera thing is very interesting, gives it a whole this-is-what-happens-when-you-don’t-look feel. And the muted colors, and the little bit of magic things near the end? Totally cool!

It just looks so good, and now I really want to read the book. Eek! This is the most excited a trailer has made me since, like, forever.

And if the trailer wasn’t enough, here’s a summary of the book from Amazon:

For Matthew Swift, today is not like any other day. It is the day on which he returns to life.

Two years after his untimely death, Matthew Swift finds himself breathing once again, lying in bed in his London home.

Except that it’s no longer his bed, or his home. And the last time this sorcerer was seen alive, an unknown assailant had gouged a hole so deep in his chest that his death was irrefutable…despite his body never being found.

He doesn’t have long to mull over his resurrection though, or the changes that have been wrought upon him. His only concern now is vengeance. Vengeance upon his monstrous killer and vengeance upon the one who brought him back.

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  1. Bits of this book trailer remind me of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Have you read it? I like this book trailer, it’s so low key yet definitely captures that element of the fantastical and mysterious. Awesom!

    1. I think I’ve read Neverwhere– I can’t actually remember, because I saw the movie beforehand and the two blend together in my mind. I may have? (If I did, I don’t think I liked it. Eek!)

      But it definitely has that same sort of urbanized-magic feel about it, yeah!

  2. I totally have this book sitting on my shelf right now waiting for me to read it. Am super excited for it. Have you read any of Kate Griffin’s other books? Kate Griffin is actually a pseudonym for Catherine Webb, who writes the awesomely amazing Horatio Lyle books. I highly recommend them. 🙂

    1. Nope, I’ve never even heard of her before this book trailer! I googled her, though, and found out she’s only two years older than me and already an accomplished author, so that’s pretty darn awesome. I’ll for sure have to check out the Horatio Lyle books; thanks for letting me know about them!

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