Book Trailer Tuesday: Magic Under Glass

Book Trailer Tues Book Trailer Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by me, Anastasia. It’s very simple to play along: find a particularly awesome book trailer, embed it in a post, then proceed to coo all over it. Or, y’know, talk about whatever you want to talk about. Why did this book trailer catch your eye? Why do you want to share it with people? Did it make you want to read the book? Why was it effective (or not)?

I know I haven’t posted a trailer in a while, but that’s because I refused to do so until I found one that I truly liked. Or, in this case, until I found one that was important in some way.

This isn’t the best trailer I’ve ever seen, but it is important. Remember the controversy a while back about Justine Larbalestier’s Liar cover? Well, the same thing is happening again, this time to a debut author called Jaclyn Dolamore who doesn’t have the same speaking power as Ms Larbalestier does. And the horrible thing? It’s being done by the same company.

Basically, see this?

This is the US hardcover. That’s supposed to be the protagonist, Nim. Nim who’s from the far East. Nim who has dark skin and dark hair. Hm. Something seems amiss. At least the dark hair’s there?

Shame on you, Bloomsbury. I can’t believe you’re trying to pull this same shit again. For full details of this ridiculousness, see here.

Anyway, the trailer is an improvement over the cover because it at least portrays Nim the way she is in the book. Sure, it could be better, but that clockwork bit in the beginning was interesting. And I’m definitely going to make an effort to read the book and support Ms Delamore, even if it means paying Bloomsbury for being an ass.

Edit: Okay, adding a few things since this issue has gone nuclear since I first wrote this post on Sunday.

1. I don’t give a flip if the cover artist never read the book– that’s not the point. The point is that no-one at Bloomsbury looked at that cover, looked at the book (which I assume they HAVE read), and thought “Gee, I wonder if this could be a problem?”
2. I also don’t give a flip if “books with PoC on them don’t sell well.” That is bullshit.
3. I am going to buy Magic Under Glass because I want to support the author and I don’t think it’s productive to boycott her book when it’s not her fault that this sort of nonsense is happening to her. However, I don’t think I’m going to buy any Bloomsbury books again until they sort this racefail mess out.
4. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to read books starring PoC characters, but now I’m going to double that effort and include books written by PoC as well. At LEAST five books a month. Eva has a great post with lots of recs if you want to do that, too.

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  1. When I first heard about this, I couldn’t believe it. Literally, I thought it was a joke – I cannot fathom what is going on inside Bloomsbury’s head to let this happen twice in such a short time. Snarl.

    1. I think the fact that it’s the SAME PUBLISHER in such a SHORT TIME is making this thing just go completely assplodey. It’s just so ridiculous I almost can’t believe it, yeah.

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