Book Trailer Tuesday: Under the Dome

Book Trailer Tues Book Trailer Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by me, Anastasia. It’s very simple to play along: find a particularly awesome book trailer, embed it in a post, then proceed to coo all over it. Or, y’know, talk about whatever you want to talk about. Why did this book trailer catch your eye? Why do you want to share it with people? Did it make you want to read the book? Why was it effective (or not)?

This week’s featured book trailer is:

Stephen King’s Under the Dome! Now, a disclaimer: I don’t particularly like Stephen King’s books, and I won’t be reading this one. But I like this trailer because of the move from an innocuous beginning, with just a few sound effects, to all out chaos by the end (with a lot of noise). It’s remarkably effective, especially since it looks like it was made with a computer hailing from the year 1997. And I also really like how you just get that hint of the fire-death-omg what’s going on out of the corner of your eye.

I think it’s a really nifty little trailer and it’s pretty effective, I think. If I had never heard of Stephen King before and hadn’t already tried to read about seven of his books and hated them all, I’d definitely want to read this.

What book trailers caught your eye this week? Leave a link to your post so others can find out!

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