Bookish Community Love Week, Day 3: Authors!

It’s the third day of Bookish Community Love Week, hosted by Erica of The Book Cellar. This week is dedicated to all the amazing people who make being a bookworm enjoyable! For more information about BCLW, check out this post here.

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Today is about all the amazing authors who make being a bookworm so much fun! I could have tripled this list, but here’s just SOME of the authors who’ve positively touched my life in the last year or so:

  • Courtney Eldridge, aka the nicest author ever! We did an interview which will be up later this month with a giveaway of her newest book. Yay!
  • all those authors who read my negative reviews of their books and either didn’t say anything or who said really nice things instead
  • Lyndsay Faye for giving me a high-five at BEA 2013
  • Susan Cooper for not saying anything mean when I completely blanked on actually talking to her when I got a book signed at ALA 2012
  • Diana Wynne Jones for having written so many amazing books
  • Neil Gaiman for being so supportive of fans and people in general and helping them out when they need it and for writing American Gods which actually did change my life
  • Malinda Lo and Cindy Pon for running Diversity in YA

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Which authors are you thankful for?

7 thoughts on “Bookish Community Love Week, Day 3: Authors!”

  1. Ooo I loved Lyndsay Faye’s Dust & Shadow. Good to know she’s nice in real life too 🙂 I’ve really liked all the authors I’ve interacted with/whom I follow on Twitter – Charles Finch (Victorian mysteries) who’s always interacting with his readers, Gail Carriger (steampunk, comedy of manners), Y.S. Lee (Victorian mysteries, YA), Scott Westerfeld also seems really nice. I don’t know why literary authors just seem so aloof to me but genre authors are often really lovely. That may just be my experience, I don’t know, plus I hardly ever read literary books anymore so I’m definitely not reliable.

    1. I hardly read literary books either so my experience is skewed as well, haha! But yeah, most of the genre authors I’ve talked to on Twitter/IRL are VERY nice. And they’re so enthusiastic about stuff! It’s infectious.

    1. Yes! Man, I wish I’d read more EP books before she died. I’ve really only read the Amelia Peabody ones, but people tell me the books under her other pseuds are good, too.

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