Books Trailer Tuesday: "Your Fate Hurtles Down At You"

Book Trailer Tues Book Trailer Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by me, Anastasia. It’s very simple to play along: find a particularly awesome book trailer, embed it in a post, then proceed to coo all over it. Or, y’know, talk about whatever you want to talk about. Why did this book trailer catch your eye? Why do you want to share it with people? Did it make you want to read the book? Why was it effective (or not)?

This week’s featured trailer is actually for a short story, called “Your Fate Hurtles Down At You” by Jim Shepard. It’s one of the stories in Electric Literature #1 and it looks really good. Here’s the trailer:

I love how the narration is actual bits from the story. I love the animation (by Jonathan Ashley), the music (by Nick DeWitt), and the narrator (though he had a bit of a rocky start). Watching this video actually makes me feel like I’m high on a snowy mountaintop, and I think that’s a fantastic accomplishment.

And since I actually have some extra dough for once? Yeah, totally buying the paper version. I love the cover, what can I say? (There’s electronic versions, too!)

What book trailer caught your eye this Tuesday?

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