Challenge completed! Arthurian Challenge 2009-2010

Arthur ChallengeTechnically this challenge was supposed to end in March of 2010, but I blazed right through it. I should have known my obsession with Arthurian things would flare up again and I’d finish quickly, but, well. I didn’t.

Also, technically, there wasn’t a set amount of books to read, but I picked five and five I read. Here’s the final list:

1. The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp – Rick Yancey
2. The Seeing Stone (Arthur Trilogy #1) – Kevin Crossley-Holland
3. At the Crossing Places (Arthur Trilogy #2) – Kevin Crossley-Holland
4. King of the Middle March (Arthur Trilogy #3) – Kevin Crossley-Holland
5. The Winter King – Bernard Cornwell

I seriously cannot pick a favorite book, though I admit I liked every other book better than Alfred Kropp. I like the Kevin Crossley-Holland books because they’re poetic and use up every version of the myth it can. I like The Winter King because it’s more intense and realistic.

I’ve got a couple other Arthurian-ish books I want to read, including an actual Arthurian book or two (Perceval, for one). It’s just an awesome subject!

What’s your favorite Arthurian book?

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