Challenge completed! It's the End of the World II

End of the World

Right on the heels of the third reading challenge I’ve completed this year is the fourth: It’s the End of the World II, also hosted by Becky of Becky’s Book Reviews. I finished this one a little before the deadline, but it as a close thing.

The reason I originally joined this challenge was because last winter I had just finished a class about dystopias (and utopias), and I was dissatisfied with the professor’s book choices. I wanted to see what else was out there, and if it was more interesting than what I had to read for that class. For the most part I ended up with books leaning more towards a sci-fi sort of slant, though I accidentally got a politically-slanted book in there as well. Excepting that one, I loved all the books I read for this challenge and I think they’re pretty different from each other (and from the books I read for my class).

Here’s the final list of books I read for this challenge, with links to any reviews I’ve written for them:
1. Gone – Michael Grant
2. There Will Be Dragons – John Ringo
3. The Girl Who Owned a City – O.T. Nelson
4. Boneshaker – Cherie Priest

My favorite book from this list is probably There Will Be Dragons. It doesn’t have zombies, or kids with super powers, or Ayn Rand, but it does have a massively detailed world populated by Ren Faire people and knights. So, pretty awesome, yeah.

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