Challenge completed: Seafaring Challenge II

seafaringii_lg2I have completed another reading challenge! This time it’s the Seafaring Challenge II, hosted by Anesthezea.

The challenge was to read ten nautical-themed books, and as it turned out this was pretty easy for me to accomplish, even without finishing my Hornblower omnibus like I planned to. As you can see, the Swallows and Amazons series dominates my reading list, and luckily I love that series a lot or I wouldn’t have finished nearly so quickly.

The final reading list:
1. Throne of Jade – Naomi Novik
2. East Coast Rising Vol. 1 – Becky Cloonan
3. Swallows and Amazons (S&A #1) – Arthur Ransome
4. Swallowdale (S&A #2) – Arthur Ransome
5. Peter Duck (S&A #3) – Arthur Ransome
6. Coot Club (S&A #5) – Arthur Ransome
7. We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea (S&A #7) – Arthur Ransome
8. Secret Water (S&A #8) – Arthur Ransome
9. Syren (Septimus Heap #5) – Angie Sage
10. The Big Six (S&A #9) – Arthur Ransome

Probably my favorite book of the list is Swallows and Amazons, because it started me off on a great series and it’s just overall wonderful.

I’m going to continue reading nautical-themed books, of course, because I do enjoy them a lot– I still definitely want to read the Hornblower omnibus I have, plus another anthology of sea stories I picked up from Paperback Swap about, er, three years ago. But what else should I read? Any classic seafaring novels I’m missing out on? Are the Master and Commander books any good? (I never saw the movie, btw.) Here are some of my own recommendations, written back in March.

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  1. Yes you must read the Master and Commander books! I just ignored that I still couldn’t work out where everything was on a ship and Master and Commander was great.

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