Challenge: Final Frontier Reading Challenge

Final Frontier Becky has done it to me again! This time she’s brought out the Final Frontier Reading Challenge, where sci-fi books rule. I want to be as familiar wih sci-fi as I am with fantasy, so obviously I can’t resist.

There’s four levels of participation you can lock onto; I’m doing the fourth one, where I read seven or more books. I downloaded a buttload of free books from Baen, so I might as well put them to use!

More info:

All dedicated to a certain sub-genre of science fiction.
Challenge is from April 6th through October 6th 2009.

Those books dealing with space travel, exploration, colonization, etc.
(Also anything with aliens is allowed either on our world or theirs.)
(Think Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles or Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy.)

I don’t have a set list yet, but whenever I start reading appropriate books they’ll go below.

1. Interstellar Patrol – Christopher Anvil
2. Earthseed – Pamela Sargent
3. March Upcountry – David Weber & John Ringo
4. Foundation – Isaac Asimov
5. Foundation and Empire – Isaac Asimov
6. Second Foundation – Isaac Asimov
7. Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov

Completed 10/7/09! Wrap-up post is here.

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