Summer is over, and in accordance I’ve changed the blog’s look! No more bright summer colors, now it’s moody fall ones. In a new layout. And with a new header to top it all off!

So, here’s what’s new: I changed the layout. I got bored of the old one and wanted something with more color. This nifty layout has several different color options, including this brown one I’ve chosen. The sidebar is now on the right, instead of the left. I’ve added a few more things to the sidebar, including a widget listing books that are being released in the near future and another one that displays what I’ve been posting to my Twitter account. I’ve also added a smaller version of my profile picture to the intro text widget! The footer has new stuff in it because this one’s actually more useful than the old footer. The copyright notice and recent comments widgets have been moved down there. I’ve also added some new share buttons at the bottom of each post, since WordPress let me. I guess that means I can stop posting my own share button thing? And finally, I’ve rearranged the order of the pages at the top.

The header is from a picture I found on Flickr of Rogue River. Pretty nice, eh? I like how the colors look almost watercolor-like.

I really like this layout. I think I might keep it around for a while– I like how wide the sidebar is, and how useful the footer is now, and how the date is displayed on the posts. Plus, if I get bored of the colors again I can change them really easily and just switch out the header! Yay!

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  1. Love it! And thanks for mentioning it–when people change the look of their blogs silently, I always start thinking I am crazy, and convince myself that it always looked this way. Happy fall!

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