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Chitchat (15)

Hiya! Been a while since I did one of these. News and updates! Yeah, er, so my job is now finished. I think I may be offered a position again come late February, but the company’s going through a lot of restructuring so who knows what’ll happen. Meantime, I’m looking for jobs again. It’s kinda scary, and though I’ve got more experience now and a newer set of references and whatever, I’m almost back to that “omg no one will hire me EVER” panicking phase which was basically my whole life since I graduated from college. Anyway! Onward ho, or whatever.

It’s almost Christmas and while I stil haven’t gotten any bookshelves (shame on me), we HAVE got this nice tree put up! And a fire! And we bought some fancy cheese at the store yesterday. And I bought some books from B&N on Thursday! So my holiday week’s looking pretty good. What about you? Doing anything special?

There’s a couple readathons going on now/til the end of the year, including LibraryThing’s End-of-2012 ReadaThing, which I’m going to be doing. You can read more about it here if you’re interested in joining in!

We have about a week left before the start of 2013, and I’d really like to catch up on my 2012 reviews before then. I think I can do it! Yay, reviews! Mister Monday

Currently Reading (7)

I am about 30% into Mister Monday, the first Keys to the Kingdom book by Garth Nix. I bought it when Kobo was giving out really good coupons earlier this year, and so far I’m not regretting the purchase. It’s a little different from his other (YA) books, mainly in the writing style…? Maybe? I’m not sure how to describe it just yet, but it’s more “modern” feeling than, say, Sabriel.

What’re you reading this week?

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    1. Hiya! And yes, now is definitely the time for relaxing with a book. It’s even cold enough to light a fire in our fireplace! Yay!

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