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I think at this point it’s pretty obvious I’m not planning on posting a monthly review for May (I didn’t do one for April, either). I haven’t figured out a way yet to make them un-boring and pointless, so I’m just not going to do them until I can think of something awesome.

Also, now we know for sure that being offline is good for reading: I read 25 books in May, most of them 300+ pages long. Three of them were audiobooks, even! And last week I read three books in one day. Would I have done that if I had regular internet access (or a job)? I think not.

All my audiobooks are now coming in handy, actually. I’ve been doing some art stuff and while I usually just listen to music, it’s really very nice to have an audiobook going at the same time I’m painting something. For instance: I listened to Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I think might be better as an audiobook than a paper book. I think if I’d been reading it in paper I might have thrown it across the room in frustration (EG cries a LOT) but as an audiobook I liked it a lot. I even want to see the movie now, which I didn’t think possible. Memoirs read by the author are almost always better as audiobooks than paper books (see: Stephen Fry’s memoirs, any of David Sedaris’ books, etc.), maybe because it’s more personal to hear someone’s stories in that same someone’s voice. What do you think?

Right now I’m digging into my public domain stuff. I’ve got a buttload of PD books downloaded (probably 300-400 books, tbh!) but I’ve hardly read anything, so I want to read at least five PD books this month and every other month for the rest of the year. I think I can do it. So far I’ve read The Carter Girls’ Mysterious Neighbors (as part of a thing I’m doing for Distributed Proofreaders)– totally not worth reading, btw– and The Red House Mystery, a v. good locked room mystery by A.A. Milne. I think next I’ll read Anne of Green Gables, since I can’t remember if I’ve already read it or not. If I have, it’s been over a decade and high time to read it again.

What have y’all been up to since we last chitchatted? Let me know if anything exciting’s happened! Keeping up with the news is tough when you don’t have internet or cable.

Edit! Jeezy creezy. Comments are now turned on. WHY do they keep turning themselves off? Ugh.

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  1. Oh! Oh! Can I make a public domain recommendation, if you’re willing to put in, er, a little more time than for some other PD books? I just started reading The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, and after a slightly slow start, I find it to be highly delightful. I hit the more delightful part of the book right after discovering that the highly delightful footnotes were the author’s, not the editor’s. Sample footnote: “Vitellius consumed in mere eating, at least six millions of our money in about seven months. It is not easy to express his vices with dignity, or even decency. Tacitus fairly calls him a hog.”

  2. I’m doing SR of “The Carter Girls’ Mysterious Neighbors” for Distributed Proofreader. I wish I saw your post earlier. It’s awful. If I hadn’t committed to doing the SR I would have stopped.

  3. Hey! *waving* 25 books in one month?! Amazing! I keep saying I need to get away from the ‘net if I want to read anything. What was your favorite book from May? Nothing has been happening around here though there are several posts about Book Blogger Con being a bust for bloggers. What do you think of the weather we’re having? I say it sucks since I love winter but I bet you’re enjoying it. 😉

    1. Hi! Favorite book? Well, I really liked rereading those Diana Wynne Jones books! And Robopocalypse was actually pretty amazing.

      I LOVE this weather. Every time I go outside I keep thinking “oh god I’m going to fry to death” and then it turns out to be so nice! I may actually enjoy the summer this year. 😀

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