Chitchat (5)

What I’ve been doing lately:
1. Having dreams about books, specifically about British interwar mysteries.
2. Playing video games while listening to audiobooks. This only works if the game you’re playing doesn’t require too much concentration (Pokemon!), and if the thing you’re listening to has a rewind function.
3. Cleaning my bathroom, by myself, with proper cleaning supplies, like an ADULT. Woah now.
4. Trying to find something in my movie/TV show collection that I haven’t watched 15 times before. Just remembered some Japanese mysteries I got a few years ago that I haven’t watched yet. Huzzah!
5. Applying to various jobs.1
6. Drinking too much soda.

In other news, I read 38 books in July! (Proof.) I think that’s the most I’ve ever read in one month, not counting that one time in high school where I read (almost) nothing but graphic novels. Since I DID read so much last month I’ve come up with an idea for my August reading: nothing but chunksters!2 Chunksters and review books, of course. And maybe an occasional graphic novel if I’m desperate for a quick read. (I’m flexible with plans.)

I don’t actually have that many paper chunksters, for some reason– I was sure I had a few more hefty hardbacks somewhere but I can’t find them at the moment. Ebook chunksters just aren’t the same, so I may have to trek to the library3 to get some more. Any recs for me? I’m feeling a bit like magical realism at the moment, especially when mixed with another genre like mystery or gothic or something.

I’m also approx. 20 books behind on reviews, which is a little overwhelming. I can’t seem to get motivated to actually write the things, so I’m thinking I’ll do some tiny reviews to knock most of them off the list. I hate posting reviews of books that I’ve read more than a month before (if they aren’t review books, I mean), so that means I need to get moving.

Or I could just play more Pokemon while listening to audiobooks. What’d count as an audio chunkster? Hmmmmm.


  1. No luck. What’s wrong with me? Not even the movie theaters want me.
  2. where “chunkster” = any book over 400 pages in length, including paperbacks.
  3. I finally got a card! And it only takes about 30min to get there via bus/walking! Yay!

2 thoughts on “Chitchat (5)”

  1. Have you read the Graceling Realm books by Kristin Cashore yet? Those are all pretty big books but filled with awesomeness.

    Yay for a library card but boo for no one hiring you yet. 🙁

    1. I have not! Am kind of worried I won’t like them, tbh. It’s a weird kind of anxiety– everyone else likes them, so if I don’t like them than I’m a weirdo. I’ll get over it eventually, of course. 😛

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