Chitchat (7)

First off: I AM EMPLOYED!! As a data entry person! I don’t officially start ’til next Friday (and that’s only a short training day) and also it’s only until the end of November, but YAY! Employment! Having an income! Savings going up instead of down! Yay!!

Second! I got a library card, finally! And I’m about to get at least two more– and I need three, see, because Anaheim has a city library and so does Orange and then there is ALSO the COUNTY library for Orange County. And they’re all free! So I’ve got my Orange (city) card and I’m like one step away from getting the Anaheim (city) one, and eventually I’ll get an OC library card too because apparently all the books I want are in the county system anyway. Luckily I can get to all these places by bus with (relative) ease.

Wanna see what I got from the Orange (city) library the other day?

(Sorcery and Cecelia; Not in Kansas Anymore; Rot & Ruin)

I’ve already read Not in Kansas Anymore and wasn’t overly impressed with it; I’ve been wanting to read Rot & Ruin for about a year or so now (zombies!); and someone rec’d Sorcery and Cecelia to me a while ago (I think) so there ya go.

Thirdly: Book Blogger Appreciation Week is coming up! Sign up here if you’re interested, and sign up for an interview swap with another blogger here! I really liked doing the interview swap the last time I did it (in…2009?), so I’m excited I’ll get to do it again. Yay BBAW!

What exciting things have happened in your life recently?

9 thoughts on “Chitchat (7)”

  1. Congratulations! Woohoo on finding a job!

    Sorcery and Cecelia has been on my wishlist too. Unfortunately, my library doesn’t have it so it’s on my “books to buy with the first paycheck” list. I’m curious how you’ll like it.

    1. Thank you!

      I’ve read it now– it was okay. I had some issues with the romance, but it’s an overall cute book. I’ll read the sequel soonish, I think.

  2. Hooray, congratulations on the job! I hope it goes brilliantly! And especially congratulations on the library card, an item I simply could not live without. 😀

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