Chitchat! (aka This is another update)

Hello again! I’m having a lot of fun reading (and rereading) books and playing games on my Nintendo DS, and occassionally writing a blog post. Being offline is somewhat of a hinderance to writing posts, as I usually depend a lot on being able to Google things, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I think I’m kind of getting used to not being on the internet. It’s weird because I feel really disconnected from other bloggers– I haven’t read any of your blogs since the beginning of the month, for example– but it also feels kind of nice, because I don’t have to worry about blogger drama or daily view counts or if I’ve commented on enough blogs. Not that I should really worry about that stuff anyway! But it’s like the little things have all fallen away and now my focus is just on getting posts up. Focusing on that one thing makes blogging a lot easier, if (at the same time) a lot more boring, too. I do miss interacting with other bloggers, really.

Luckily next month is ALA annual, which I’ll be going to. I’m hoping to go Saturday, Sunday and Monday, though depending on what else I’m doing that month (working a job?) I may only go two days instead of three. I know a few of you others are going, too– anyone want to meet up?

I’m assuming ALA is basically like BEA, only with more librarians. Is that true? Any tips on prepping for ALA as compared to BEA?

You may be interested to hear that Operation Read Harry Potter (working title) is going pretty well. I’ve found all the books but #3, so as soon as I find that I’ll be ready to go.1 I HAVE found my small Terry Pratchett collection, though, and nearly all my Diana Wynne Jones books, and of course I found my Diane Duane books at least a week ago. Basically I’m just reading whatever catches my fancy nowadays– right now I’m reading the Chronicles of Chrestomanci, starting with Charmed Life and moving forward from there. As it turns out, btw, I HAVEN’T been reading them in publication order like I always thought I was. For some reason I’d got it into my head that the books in Volumes I and II were ordered by publication date, but they aren’t. They aren’t even in internal chronological sequence. How have I never noticed this before?

Still, I actually really like the order whoever put these books in (they just flow really well), so in case anyone’s wondering here’s how I read the Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Charmed Life, The Lives of Christopher Chant, The Magicians of Caprona, Witch Week, Conrad’s Fate, The Pinhoe Egg. I think those last two are in another volume together, too. 2

I don’t ACTUALLY think it matters which order you read them in, since the only real continuity is between Charmed Life and Pinhoe Egg, since they both have Cat in them. All the others you can read whenever. I DO think you should start with Charmed Life, though. Just because it’s my favorite.

Ebooks have fallen to the wayside lately; it’s just more fun reading my paper books right now than my ebooks. I do have some eARCs to get through in the next few months, though, so I expect I’ll read an ebook soonish. I’m not one of those people who goes on about the smell of paper books, but I WILL say that there’s something very comforting about the feel of a mass market paperback in your hands.

Anaheim is turning out to be a very nice place to live. We’re located right at the border of Orange, another nice place, and somewhere on the other side is Garden Grove. There’s a lot of old buildings around and plenty of people walking on the sidewalks, which makes me happy. If I apply myself I can reach various shopping places with about 10 minutes of walking. Not bad! I really like the weather here. Lately it’s been sunny and hot, but in a nicer way than Albuquerque’s sunny-and-hot.

My plans for my room have changed slightly; my ceiling is too low for a loft bed (I’d brain myself daily if I got one) so I’m thinking I’ll get a regular one and stick storage underneath it instead. Nothing else has been done yet, not even painting, but I’ll probably get around to that later this month. I’ve settled on a darkish blue color, I think. I don’t want it to look like a tomb in here but neither do I want to feel like I’m floating in the sky, so a darker (but not TOO dark) shade will hopefully be the answer.

Not sure how I’m going to review all these rereads, btw. I can’t really think of anything good to say other than “I loved it!” Maybe I can manage something with the Terry Pratchetts, since I don’t think I’ve reviewed them here before, but in general I find it very difficult to review rereads because I tend to wallow in them like a comfortable blanket. With new reads I make sure to remember stuff to write about. With rereads I’m just enjoying the experience.

But, I mean, HOW am I to review any DWJ book? Especially the Chrestomanci books (my favorites, obv.). All I can really say is something like “they’re the best books ever, go read them now.” And that doesn’t make for a very good review. Hm. Maybe mini-reviews are the answer, like always.

  1. Meanwhile, I’ve got two copies of #6. How did that happen?
  2. If you read them in pub order they’d go CL, TMOC, WW, TLOCC, CF, TPE. Internal chronological order would be something like: TLOCC, CF, CL, WW, TMOC (possibly before WW, too), TPE.

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  1. I’m glad Anaheim is being very enjoyable so far! And I am a bit sorry you cannot have a loft bed. My owning of a loft bed was recently vindicated by my moving to New York and really, really needing the under-bed storage a loft bed provides, but I was fond of it even before then. I am up very high!

    I don’t think I’ve ever read all the Chrestomanci books together at one time. But I am pleased with the idea! I will do when I get my copies up here to New York.

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