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Chitchat (22)

So it turns out that I don’t really want to talk about my emergency family-related trip to Baltimore? So I won’t. But basically it was an emotional rollercoaster and while I got to see some of my extended family, I wish it had been under better circumstances. Also I didn’t finish a single freakin’ book. Oh well.

My birthday is tomorrow! I’m going to be 25. It’s a little bit scary, especially since I’m (still/once more) unemployed and I don’t know wtf I’m doing and I haven’t done even half the things I wanted to do by this time and it’s kinda depressing. I’ll just have to keep moving forward, I guess? Eh.

Here’s a video about the birthday song, just because:

One of the ways I cheer myself up is by lurking on conversations around the blogosphere (also Twitter. Hi!), so I recently subscribed to WORD For Teens’ Reader’s Report. It’s got loads of news about things both YA and book blogging, and I really like it! I’ve got about twenty tabs open with posts to read/comment on, and I’m already feeling a little more cheerful.

Currently Reading (14)

Technically I’m reading, like, four books at once, but right NOW I’m reading The Black Moth by Georgette Heyer. It’s set in a slightly earlier time period than most of her other historical romances, and it’s ALSO the first book she ever published! So there’s lots of interesting stuff going on. The Black Moth

First, there’s the actual historical stuff. I don’t know much about the Georgian era except that King George is involved somehow and I have no idea wtf he did, so. I also know that people wore wigs and men minced around in high heels– and that’s all in The Black Moth! Yay, historical accuracy!

Second, GH does some neat stuff with the story itself. I’d expected the non-powdered up/non-mincing dude to be the hero, because that’s what he’d be in the movie version. A manly man! Like Stewart Granger in Scaramouche. But guess what! He’s not. The dude without the wig is the villain. The dude WITH the wig is the hero! It’s making me really happy in a stupid kind of way.

Third, the romance– though it’s skeeving me out just a tiny bit– is also terribly adorable. There are other cute subplot romances, too, including the relationship between the hero’s best friend and his (the best friend) wife. It makes me want to twirl around in happiness like I was in a 1950s musical. Yay!

What’re you reading this week?

4 thoughts on “Chitchat / Currently reading (Feb. 24)”

    1. Thank you, C! And yeah, I’m trying to remember that I’ve got LOADS of time to do the stuff I want to do. It doesn’t all have to happen before I’m 30!

  1. Happy birthday, lady! I decided to stop fretting about what I hadn’t accomplished at every birthday, because it was bumming me out by the time I was 22, and instead to focus on things I had learned that year. Because you always learn useful things in every year, even if they are sort of sad things to know.

    I’m sorry your trip was rough. I hope things are better now, for you and for the family, and that your current reading of Georgette Heyer indicates you are doing plenty of recuperative comfort reading.

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