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Chitchat (20)

January is over and we’re officially out of the beginning of the year. I’m pretty satisfied with my book life in January: I made my reading goal (21 books), I’m not TOO far behind on reviews, and I made a genuine effort towards my reading challenges. I also gave my layout an overhaul. Huzzah!

January was also the time I experimented with my review format a bit. It’s basically been the same since, like, 2009, and while I still like that format it takes FOREVER to put a review together. My new format, while still very similar to my old one, is much quicker to code and so on, and so I’ll stick with it for the time being.

I also experimented with ads/ad placement in January, and I’m pretty pleased with the results. I made $2 more than I did in December– not much, but since I’ve been averaging $1 or less per month for most of 2012, I’m super happy with any increase. My Amazon affiliate earnings were actually pretty good at about $4 (usually I get about $0.50/month), so that’s exciting, too.

For February I’m going to try and keep track of how much I comment per week. I’m going to start off slow and aim for 7 comments/week (1 per day). I’m also going to try and catch up on my reviews, since I don’t want to still be posting January reads in March (it’s been known to happen). And finally, I’m NOT going to fiddle with my layout this month. I’m going to just leave it and see what happens.

What’re your plans for February?

Currently Reading (12)

Abhorsen I finished Dig last night and I’m super bummed that my first book in February was so BLEH. So I’m going to read Abhorsen next, since I know for sure I’ll like it. I’m on a fantasy kick at the moment, too, so it all works out perfectly.

(Abhorsen is the third book in the Abhorsen trilogy. Read my reviews of Sabriel and Lirael, the first two books, if you wanna know why I like this series so much.)

I’m slightly worried about Abhorsen, though not because I’m scared of it or anything. No, I’m just worried I can’t remember enough about Lirael from last year and that non-remembering is going to mess me up somehow. I’ve read Sabriel at least twice, so that’s okay, but I’ve only read Lirael once. And the last half of the book is slightly blurry in my mind. I’m sure it’ll be okay, though, right? Right.

What’re you reading this week?

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  1. Don’t they think that calling something “Abhorsen” is just opening the door to a world of puns by angry readers? I feel like that is a mean pun waiting to happen.

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