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Chitchat (17)

Good news! I’ve found two roommates for BEA 2013. So I’m definitely going! Yay!! I still need to buy a plane ticket and stuff, but I’m going!

There’s lots of book events happening in California between now and then, though! I took down my OC SoCal Book Events page because I couldn’t keep up with maintaining it, but I’m thinking of rebirthing it into a Google Docs where people can submit events themselves. That way it’ll be more of a community thing instead of just me doing my own, er, thing. So look for that sometime later this week!

One of the events I’m looking forward to is the LA Times Festival of Books in April. I went last year and had a really good time, so I’m hoping I can go again this year. I was ALSO thinking of maybe doing a kind of blogger meet-up during one of the festival days! I’ll post ideas/details closer to the date, but if anyone knows they’re going to the festival and you’re interested in a meet-up, let me know!

Currently Reading (9)

I’m about halfway through Mechanicals by Jordan Stratford, a self-published freebie I got on Amazon last month. It’s got alt. history and supernatural/paranormal steampunk stuff, which I love, plus it’s pretty well-written! And I’ve only found two grammar mistakes (so far) and the occasional punctuation mistake– nothing too terrible. This is the sort of book that makes self-pub’d books look GOOD, and it’s why I keep reading them (even if I don’t accept them for review). Mechanicals

La summary:

A monster-hunting priest and his 16 year old protégé race across Europe in advance of a cavalry of steam-powered robots, while a young American reporter chronicles the first airship crossing of the Pacific – in reality a gun-running operation to arm the Russians.

This month I’m also trying to participate in a Goodreads group read, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater. I actually say MS in a panel last year at the LA Times Festival of Books, and afterwards I really wanted to read her books! Then ALA annual came around, and I got an ARC of The Raven Boys. Yay! And then I forgot to read it for ages and ages.

No more waiting! I’ve gotten through the prologue (which is pretty darned good) and I’m a little worried about the romance aspect, but I think it’ll be fine. Time to stop being a scaredy cat!

What’re you reading this week?

4 thoughts on “Chitchat / Currently Reading (Jan. 13)”

  1. Hooray! I’m excited to see you again. Yippee.

    I am reading a romance novel because I read a book about romance novels and it made me curious because I’ve only ever read awful romance novels. This one is, you know, fine. It has loyal black servants that make my teeth hurt but, like, a little bit less than the loyal black servants in the previous romance novel I tried made my teeth hurt? So I guess that is the difference twenty years makes.

    1. That sounds like a TERRIBLE romance novel! Have you never really read a good one? What about a Georgette Heyer book? I’m not sure if you’re into Regency period things, but I’m reading April Lady right now and I like it.

  2. A blogger meet-up during LATFoB? If I go this year–and I usually do, even if it’s only for one of the two days–I’ll almost definitely be up for that. And if you expand your book-events Google Doc to include more of SoCal besides OC, I think it’ll be an even better community-builder and resource (not that you asked me, but…).

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