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Hello! Welcome to 2013. I hope your new year is going well; mine’s pretty slow RL-wise. No new job yet, though I’ve applied to several (including a library job! eeee!). The worst thing about job hunting is the waiting: waiting for emails, interviews, calls, whatever. Ugh.

Anyway, book-wise my new year has been pretty good! Well, kinda. I’ve got this reading list I want to stick to for this month, but all I want to do is read Vorkosigan Saga books until I puke. I’ve read three so far this month and I’m trying to slow down so I have something to look forward to for the rest of the year,1 but it’s haaaaard. 🙁 I thought maybe sneaking in another sci-fi book would help, so now I’m reading Time Traders by Andre Norton. More on that below!

In other news, I’ve changed my blog layout! Kinda. The basic set-up is the same, but the colors are different and the header is more minimalist. Huzzah! I still need to tweak things, but I like it a lot. (It seems weirdly familiar? I may have done something like it before. Uh. Whatever.) I liked my last design too, but I thought it made my blog seem more like a classics/lit fic-focused place? I wanted something that was more modern and I think this is it. It’s nice to start the new year off with a new look, too!

And finally: who here is planning on going to Book Expo America 2013? I’m still waffling on whether I can go or not2 but I was wondering if anyone needed another hotel roommate? I thought I saw some people on Twitter looking for a fourth but I can’t find them now, lol. Let me know if you have room for me! I promise I’m not a creep. :D? Time Traders

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I’m about 27% into Time Traders by Andre Norton, the first in her series of the same name.3 It was originally published in 1958, and so even though it’s set in the early 21st century there’s still a heavy Russian/Cold War vibe going on. The Russians have a secret time travel thingy and they must be stopped from using it to…do something. Not sure what. Take over the world? I may have accidentally skipped over that part. Er.

Dig this cover! I like it.

What’re you reading this week?


  1. there are 15 books total, which you’d THINK might be intimidating, but since they’re kinda short I can speed right through them.
  2. the cost, oh, the cost
  3. Although I’ve just found out that this is a two-in-one book! So really I must be…almost done? 70% into the first book? idk. Omnibuses are confusing, sheesh.

6 thoughts on “Chitchat / Currently Reading (Jan. 6)”

  1. Happy New Year, A! I’m not going to BEA. It’s just too expensive from Cali. Ugh! I wish it would come to L.A. I’m loving the new blog look. Very cute. Enjoy your week.

    1. Ugh, I thought it’d be CHEAPER to fly from LA to NYC for some reason? But it’s like $50 more than from Albuquerque. And then there’s the rest of the costs…sob!

      There’s some really fun things happening in SoCal this year, though, so even if you/we don’t get to go to BEA, we can have lots of bookish fun! I’ll do a post about it soonish. Yay!

  2. I’m still on the fence about BEA this year, too. The flights from Canada… it’s just too much. But, I might be going to ALA later this month, so that’ll be some bookish fun.

    1. Oooo! I hope you can make it to ALA– annual was really fun this last summer, and I think you’d enjoy going to midwinter. Plus you’re so close to Seattle! Go! GO!! 😀

  3. I like the heavily-bird-themed layout too, but your current setup is classy as hell. :p I am not going to BEA this year because it is expensive and I am poor BUT if you are going to be in town, can we get a meal or drinks?

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