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Chitchat (24)

Good news! I got more bookshelves! Yaaaaay! I haven’t put them together yet, but once I do I’ll take pictures. I still haven’t really taken pics of my other bookshelf either, have I? I’ll get on that this week, I think.

I don’t really have any other personal news, so let’s talk about book events, instead! Here’s some upcoming SoCal book events (you can find more at the SoCal Book Events Doc!):

Lots of exciting events, yay! Anyone going to any of these signings? Which one are you most excited for?

Currently Reading (16)

Waiting by Debra Ginsberg I suppose I shoud be reading Wuthering Heights now, but instead I’m going to read Mirror Dance by Lois McMaster Bujold. I’m actually about two chapters into it, and I’m not sure I like it. I like Miles, and Mark is a CLONE of Miles, but reading about Mark instead of Miles is kinda…eh. So far, at least. It MIGHT be because I don’t feel like reading ebooks at the moment; so it’s a good thing I’ve got all these paper books to read, too!

Since I’ve gotten new shelves, I’ve been picking out different books I want to reread soonish. One of those books is Waiting by Debra Ginsberg, a memoir/social commentary about waitressing. The last time I read it was before I started book blogging, and since I’ve kept it in my collection for that long I figure it’s time to read it again.

What’re you reading this week?

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  1. What a lot of lovely bookish events in your area! I’ve read the first Clockwork book, but still have to get to the rest. Waiting sounds like an interesting read. And new bookshelves are always cause for celebration!

  2. You’d like Clare if you’re fine with thinly veiled Buffy/Harry Potter crossover. Otherwise, she’s nothing to shout about. The film adaptation is coming soon, starring my second favorite Snow White, Lily Collins, so there’s that.

    1. Hmmmm, that might be something I’d like, actually! Although I never finished either of those series because I felt betrayed/lost interest around the halfway mark. Soooooo, is it more like early Buffy/HP? Or late Buffy/HP? Hm.

  3. I read a preview of Ruth Ozeki’s book and loved what I read of it! I’m hoping I can get a copy from my library when it comes out. If you do go to her event, make sure to report back what she has to say. Inquiring minds are curious.

  4. I may attend the Cassie Clare event in Mission Viejo! It sounds awesome 🙂 Also, you may hate Twilight and all, but Stephenie Meyer is signing this week (the 15th) also at the Grove. Just in case you wanted to know, which you totally might not have cared to haha

    Thanks for sharing these and yay for new bookshelves! I wish I had the room to get more 🙂 happy reading!

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